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During this time of uncertainty and social distancing precautions, we know that planning your big day is challenging. We are in this together, so we do not charge for date changes. Call us now to schedule a tour. Every special moment in life is worth celebrating. We'll help you make it happen.

The Cottonwood Venue at 813

Your Story Unfolds Here...

Your happiness needs a venue. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, a birthday, a family reunion, or just a simple gathering of friends, The Cottonwood Venue at 813 will bring your joy to life.

We are committed to listening to you and providing you with the best setting for your occasion. So celebrate with us and bring a slice of your life to our piece of paradise.

Recent customer reviews!!!

"I am a local DJ and I perform services at this venue for private parties and weddings and please let me say that the owners of this fabulous location are just the sweetest people!!! They make me feel like part of the team! I have no issues whatsoever with working there. The facility is always clean and neat. They are very welcoming to other vendors, their clients and their guests of the events. In fact, one time they went out and got me some fast food because I was so busy that I hadn't eaten all day and they wanted to make sure I was nourished to do my job! Now that itself shows how much heart they have! I look forward to working with them every time!" -- April Lynn Prentice

"The Cottonwood Venue is a beautiful place to get married, hold a business meeting or family party. I can highly recommend it for most any occasion." - Alan Black

"The owners are AMAZING!!!! They were so helpful with everything...they even helped us set up and decorate! Great price and beautiful surroundings! I highly recommend this venue for any type of gathering. Great customer care! Extremely happy and lots of compliments from guests!" - Kristy Edmondson


We will make it happen...

As our guest, you will have exclusive access to all our indoor and outdoor facilities. 

On-site parking is also available.


Outdoor Event Center

Indoor Event Center

The Cottonwood Venue at 813 offers 10 acres of open space, a three-acre pond, a bridge, and endless nature views.


Our Gazebo Garden is the perfect outdoor setting for your I Do’s. It features a wrought-iron gazebo trellis arch that is fronted by rows of wooden benches surrounded by trees.

The Dance Floor is located just outside the Reception Hall, and serves as an extended party area.

The 2500-square-foot Tuscan-style indoor reception hall with large windows and dimmable chandeliers can seat up to 75 guests. It has a fully-functional kitchen that has an entrance adjacent to the parking area for added convenience. It has a fireplace, an audio system with bluetooth connectivity and a large flat-screen TV for video presentations.

A covered patio area is also adjacent to the reception hall, and can be used for additional seating and a DJ set-up.

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As a family-run small business, we aim to keep things easy and personal.

We will take time to listen to your needs and do our best to accommodate and manage your requests to help make your big day happen.​

We will help make your event a success.​

We understand the large amount of activity that takes place on the day of the event, so we give our clients more time for set-up. Arrangements may be discussed with us during the tour.

The use of chairs and tables is included.​
We will have the seating arranged per your instructions before you arrive.​

We'll be with you every step of the way!


All About Us

With its large, open space, a pond, and an indoor venue, The Cottonwood Venue at 813 is a great setting for your event. Be it an elegant wedding, corporate event, birthday party, family reunion, or a simple get-together, The Cottonwood Venue at 813 is the place to turn a single day into a lifetime’s worth of memories.

The Cottonwood tree served many purposes for the Native Americans. Trees were rare in the grasslands, but Cottonwood trees thrived, offering shade and providing firewood. The inner bark was also a food source for humans and their animals. And because they were far and apart, these trees served as trail markers and meeting places for both Native Americans and early European settlers.


Like the stately Cottonwood Tree that greets you at its entrance, The Cottonwood Venue at 813 serves as a meeting place for you and your loved ones to celebrate milestones and joyous moments. And just as the Cottonwood is a part of history, let The Cottonwood Venue at 813 play a part in your own story.


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